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It is not always obvious which wine matches the flavors and qualities of the ingredients or the meal as a whole. To give the experience of a good wine that extra scoop on top, we decided to offer a helping hand in cooking using renowned recipes and online cooking lessons from an Italian chef. Few things are as delicious as a well-cooked home meal, especially when paired with an accompanying wine. So, do you enjoy learning more about Italian cuisine combined with wine? Or do you just lack the inspiration in terms of cooking and matching an Italian meal with wine? Then you’ve come to the right place

How does it work?

Chef Federica Continanza has created a recipe with cooking video especially to accompany one of our wines. Currently, we have launched a one-off prototype that can be purchased in our online store by here click.

Federica Continanza

While in Tuscany visiting our winemakers, we first met Federica Continanza; a cheerful and caring Italian mother with a passion and talent for cooking. So our first evening was an evening to remember in which we laughed a lot and ate delicious food. After our first bite of ravioli “a la Federica,” we looked at each other and thought: we must bring this to the Netherlands. We immediately clicked with Federica and not much later the idea of working together was born.

Federica has worked in the kitchen all her life (including for the White House and the UN) and now has her own cooking show. She also has a home restaurant, which means she invites people to her home weekly to cook for her. At home, she works with the wines of one of our winemakers (Federico Montagnani), among others. When coming up with a dish, she always considers the wine being served. Therefore, we soon came up with the idea of doing something similar and bringing a piece of Tuscany to the Netherlands.

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