Our story

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Look at the stars and see yourself running."

- Marcus Aurelius

Ons verhaal - Devinita
una passione

A passion

Vino, vinho, vin, wine. Different translations for one and the same. Like many precious things on this earth, the story of DEVINITA begins with a passion. A passion for this rich and versatile commodity. Experience a smooth rosé that moves your lips and weighs your head in good company, from friends in the foreground and the source of all life in the background. Or a fruity-yet-potent red wine so complementary to the piece of meat on your plate, you’ll think of Bonnie and Clyde and wonder which of the two is a better duo. Our deep passion for this almost liquid gold stems from the countless enrichments that wine offers to the lives of those who dare to really enjoy life.


An idea

Although the journey we embarked on at DEVINITA was heralded by a shared passion, the real work started with an idea. In order to let others experience the pleasures so precious to us, we got in the car and set course for the land of the Renaissance, of pasta and pizza, coffee and – of course – wine: Italy. Bloop. After more than three hundred wines tasted and too many mornings with a head heavier than our legs, we have made a careful selection of wines and wineries. Taste sensations that knocked us back, craftsmanship down to the smallest detail, philosophies that made us rethink life. These are some sides of our experience of the wines we offer and which we stand behind completely. Our idea, but also our aspiration, is to bring special and new wine projects with a story exclusively to the Netherlands.

Ons verhaal - Devinita

"Take your attention to him who pours you the wine, for he matters, not the cup."

- Rumi

Ons verhaal - Devinita

Our history

DEVINITA is the brainchild of Nino and Max ; family in bond, not in blood. Resulting from a friendship between our parents, we have known each other as far as our memories stretch. Despite all the years we spent together, watching each other’s first baby teeth fall out and getting lost in the world of Lego, we grew up very distinctively from each other. While one has followed a business course, the other has taken care of a design course. Also in terms of personality we can sometimes be day and night rather than two hands on one stomach. At the same time, like the aforementioned red wine with the piece of meat, we complement each other in some of the most crucial areas. This is our history in a nutshell, the future we are now writing.

la nostra philosophies

Our philosophy

May it be clear that at DEVINITA we share a passion , an idea and a history . These are endorsed by our philosophy of life. As products of our time, we grew up with a high standard of living and a wealth of prosperity. In addition, in all our luck we have been given all kinds of opportunities for self-development. All these experiences have contributed to our appreciation and love for the luxury product that is wine. Even after a long argument about the complexity and depth of a wine, or the general pleasant atmosphere of people in the wine world, we will never cling to the idea that wine is a necessity for life. We see wine as an enrichment and a means that can elevate a simple moment in life to a certain height. That is precisely why we only stand behind high-quality, the most refined wines for us. Luxury by definition lacks necessity. If you do go for luxury, why not for something that strives for the optimal in sophistication? DEVINITA.

Ons verhaal - Devinita

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