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At Devinita, we are always looking for Italian wines of elevated quality with an innovative and/or special story.

New wine projects like Ripawine’s, Ripawine was founded in 2016. Although its vineyards are located in a relatively unknown wine region (the Marches), Ripawine has a clear mission: To put their region and their wines on the map.

We are also looking for special wine projects such as those of Castello del Tegolato. Castello del Tegolato is a historic winery from Tuscany. They have become famous with their ‘Tegolato’ wines. These wines are aged on the roof tiles (Tegolato) of the castle throughout the year, weather permitting.

Finally, we are looking for new wine styles. Like those from the Ca Dei Maghi winery in Valpolicella. Paolo Creazzi, the winemaker, does not make traditionally heavy Ripasso’s and Amarones, but light-footed and elegant wines with high drinkability.

Given the diverse philosophies of winemakers, we believe it is very important that our winemakers’ wines are presented to you in the right way. That’s why we lovingly share the stories behind the wines:

“At Devinita, we not only import Italian wines of exalted quality; We also import the history, passion, stories and philosophies of the makers.”

Portfolio Devinita

Ca Dei Maghi

“…a house on the hills of Fumane, sparkles rise from the chimney and polenta disappears from the grill. This is a spell, they used to say in the village…’


“In our country we live, breathe and conserve, because the quality of the environment and the quality of the product are fundamental to the realization of our wines, which expressly express the character and personality of our millennium territory…”
Azienda Agricola Monchiero

Azienda Agricola Monchiero

In Castiglione Falletto, in the heart of the Barolo region, is the winery of the Monchiero family. Monchiero makes extremely elegant and refined Barolos.
Tenuta Carretta

Tenuta Carretta

Tenuta Carretta is located in the south of Piedmont, in Piobesi d’Alba, in Roero. It is a winery with a rich story, one of the most historic Italian wineries where past, present and future are integrated in the best way. Currently, the Miroglio family owns the more than 550-year-old winery.
Finocchi Viticoltori

Finocchi Viticoltoric

The Finocchi family has been producing winemakers for four generations. The passionate and extremely hospitable brothers Maurizio (photo) and Marco currently run the family business that combines the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of the present.


Nicolò’s family has owned the boutique winery “Lornano” for generations. But when Nicolò took over from his parents, he decided to set out on a new course with Lornano, nestled among the enchanting hills of Tuscany’s famed Chianti region.
Terre di Sovernaja

Terre di Sovernaja

The family-run Terre di Sovernaja is located just below the breathtaking town of San Gimignano. Terre di Sovernaja is currently run by Federico, who is supported by winemaker Andrea. Friendship, passion and fun are central to Devinita’s special acquaintance, relationship and collaboration with Federico and Andrea.
Azienda Agricola Urlari

Azienda Agricola Urlaric

Azienda Agricola Urlari is a winery located on the beautiful Etruscan coast in Tuscany. The winery was founded by Roberto Cristoforetti and has a well-known French winemaker from Bordeaux named Jean-Philippe Fort.
Col di Lamo Giovanna Neri
Giovanna Neric

Col di Lamo

What makes Col di Lamo’s wines so special to her estate is Giovanna’s ability to express in her wines the all-consuming love that only a woman, a mother, feels for her children.
Sergio & Giullio

Cantina Ongaresca

They looked into each other’s eyes and said, “Let’s try to make wine and not just drink it!”
Fattoria Antico Castello di Poppiano
Anthony & Andrea

Castello del Tegolato

In recent years, these Tegolato wines were no longer made. Recently Anthony (owner) and Devinita’s good friend and winemaker Andrea Pizzolato decided to revive this project.

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