Blend N°3 IGT Cà Dei Maghi
De Grote Hamersma
Gilbert & Gaillard
Jancis Robinson
Merano Wijnfestival

Blend N°3 IGT


“We (Paolo Creazzi & co.) have studied and repeatedly tried to follow new paths while always trying to keep a strong connection with our territory and the past. The Ammandorlato project is based on this desire and these ideals. It is about a mythical and unique wine that nature does not always allow to produce, called Blend N°3. This wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Corvina grapes.”

About the wine

Winery: Cà Dei Maghi
Wine: Blend N°3
Classification: IGT
Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon & Corvina
Region/Area: Valpolicella (Verona)
Type: Dry red wine
Soil: Alluvial, Limestone
Harvest: 2016
Alcohol: 15%
Closure: Natural cork
Serving temperature: 16° C
Laying potential: Long shelf life, no data available yet
Content: 0.75L


During the first vintage, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Corvina Veronese grapes were harvested in the years when nature did not allow this wine to be produced. Only at the third vintage was Paolo satisfied with the final result. Hence the name Blend N°3. The wine consists of 8 parts Cabernet Sauvignon dried for 30 days and 2 parts fresh Corvina Veronese. The grapes are then placed in barriques and tonneaux for 60 months. All grapes are picked by hand.


The Blend N°3 has a ruby red color.


In the nose there are notes of ripe, distilled fruit, blackberries, black cocoa, tonka bean and a touch of blueberry sweetness.

Taste impression

A dry palate that has flavor and is accompanied by a great structure. This results in a wine that can be called “dazzling” good.

Culinary advice

This Blend N°3 from Cà Dei Maghi is best combined with dishes such as long-cooked meat and game.


De Grote Hamersma

De Grote Hamersma 8.5

Gilbert & Gaillard

Gilbert & Gaillard​ 90/100 Points

Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson 17.5/20 Points

Merano Wijnfestival

Merano Festival Red award

Tasting Notes

The Great Hammersma

“In Cà dei Maghi, the House of the Magicians, they do magic. And just like with Harry Potter, magic in practice involves a lot of work, research and study.

That’s how they came up with this Blend No 3 after a long time of trying. Wine from the native Corvina, the most prized of the various Valpolicell grapes, combined with 80% Cabernet Sauvignon. Revolutionary in itself, and then they also let the cabernet grapes dry for a month before adding them to the Corvina wine-in-the-making.

So the amarone idea, fortifying wine with grapes that have more flavor and – proportionally – more sugar because of this drying-in.

That whole then has 60 months – five years! – matured in barriques, the oak bordeaux barrels. An intriguing mix of grapes, methods, innovation and tradition.

The result is therefore special. An intensely fragrant wine reminiscent of amarone, unmistakably Italian, pleasantly provided with herbs and spices, but in which the cassis of the cabernet can also be detected. And of course the beneficial influence of that long-term upbringing on oak, but without that too much on top. Everything nicely balanced.”

– Hamersma, 2022


9 Anime I.G.T.


Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso “10 anni”


De Grote Hamersma
De Grote Hamersma​ 9

Corvina I.G.T.


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