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De Grote Hamersma

Canova Rosso


“The Canova Rosso from Cà Dei Maghi is a delicious red house wine made with love. The grapes come from vines that are less than 10 years old. This gives winemaker Paolo Creazzi the opportunity to experiment with this nimble red wine. And with success; because the Canova Rosso recently appeared in the top 60 best wines of 2021 of the Elsevier Weekblad, tasted by Nicolaas Klei.”

About the wine

Winery: Cà Dei Maghi
Wine: Canova Rosso
Grape variety: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara & Croatina
Region/Area: Valpolicella (Verona)
Type: Dry red wine
Soil: Limestone, marl soil
Harvest: 2020
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: Cork
Serving temperature: 12-14°C
Laying potential: Long shelf life, no data available yet
Content: 0.75L


The Canova Rosso from Cà Dei Maghi is made with fresh hand-picked grapes that come from less than 10 years old vines. Finally, the fermentation and maturation take place in stainless steel tanks.


A nice compact and very intense ruby red colour. That is why the color reminds us of the local cherries.


The Canova Rosso has hints of juice and red fruit on the nose. But there are also hints of Morello cherry and red flowers.

Taste impression

A fruity and pleasant wine with hints of chocolate. The taste is juicy with hints of red berries and raspberries. In summary, the Canova Rosso is a light red wine that owes its lightness mainly to the young vines.

Culinary advice

Firstly, Cà Dei Maghi’s Canova Rosso is ideal to drink with traditional Italian first courses such as pasta and beans. But it can also be enjoyed with other light meats, cheeses and vegetarian dishes. Finally, due to its lightness and juices, this wine is also delicious to drink without food.


De Grote Hamersma

De Grote Hamersma 9-

Elsevier Weekblad The 60 best wines of 2021

Tasting Notes

The Great Hammersma

“Cà dei Maghi, the magical house. Where the magic (wine) stick is wielded by Paolo Creazzi. Work wonders with it near Verona. Valpolicella in all its manifestations, for example. Plus a great white from the Garganega ( see his Barabao ).

But first he lets us imbibe with a humble vino rosso. Made from a handful of grapes that he transformed there into a frivolous red. With frisky berries, cockroach cherries and bold raspberries. Light herbs, characteristic acids, no vintage, low alcohol percentage and a high drinking factor.”

– Hamersma (2021)

The 60 best wines of 2021 – Elsevier Weekblad

“Cà Dei Maghi conjures up very refined Amarones , but its simplest red is also a miracle. From the backyard of Venice comes this cheerful palazzo wine full of fine fruit and rose scent, with zest and character.”

– Nicholas Clay (2021)


Chianti DOCG


Langhe Nebbiolo “Podio” DOC


De Grote Hamersma
The Grote Hamersma 9+
James Suckling
James Suckling 93/100 Points

Barolo Montanello Riserva DOCG


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