Etel Lornano
James Suckling
James Suckling 90/100 Points

Etel IGT


“Lornano’s Etél is named after the daughter of Nicolo, Lornano’s owner. The Etél is a cheerful and supple rosé with notes of citrus and flowers.”

About the wine

Winery: Lornano
Wine: Etél
Classification: IGT
Grape variety: Sangiovese
Region/area: Lornano (Tuscany)
Type: Rosé
Soil: Medium mix; sand, limestone & slate
Harvest: 2020
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Cork
Serving temperature: 8-10° C
Lay-up potential: No data available yet
Content: 0.75L


The Etél is made from a selection of grapes picked by hand during 2 different harvests; a harvest in mid-September and a harvest in mid-October. The carefully destemmed grapes are then vinified in modern stainless steel tanks. This is done with a maceration of 4-6 hours on the skin at a temperature of about 5° Celsius. The resulting must is then transferred to other stainless steel tanks to start the fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18° Celsius.


The Etél has a light pink color.


The personality of this wine is immediately revealed: The nose is fruity, characterized by citrus notes of grape fruit accompanied by floral hints such as rose.

Taste impression

The Etél has a long persistence on the palate, with a convincing grapefruit note in the finish that gives this wine an extraordinary taste-olfactory cohesion. In addition, there is a freshness that makes the sip juicy.

Culinary advice

This wine is perfect to drink as an aperitif in the sun.


James Suckling

James Suckling 90/100 Points

Tasting Notes

The Great Hammersma

“The art of rosé making: producing a lovely, soft, refreshing wine that is not trivial. Rosé, that is summer wine, light-hearted, uplifting. Many a producer who pays more attention to the cash books than the quality therefore produces some sloppy wine with a pink color on the fly – and unfortunately the smell of sweets and the taste of thin lemonade.

His colleague looks at this with compassion and reports that he at least makes rosé with character. That character usually consists of burning alcohol.

The balance between wine that is striking, fine and pure in taste, and yet enjoyable to drink on the terrace of the Michelin star restaurant or on board your own seaworthy yacht, is rare.

Here they succeeded. With Shine. Fine, soft, fruit-scented rosé full of nuances, with a silky and yet firm taste that makes you dream away to beautiful Tuscany thanks to Chianti grape sangiovese.

Luxurious rosé for a very reasonable price.”

– Hamersma, 2022


De Groene Hamersma
The Green Hammersma 9-

Tenuta Carretta



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