L'Urlo IGT Urlaric
De Grote Hamersma
De Grote Hamersma 9-

L’Urlo IGT


“The L’Urlo from Urlari is a high quality wine made from 100% Merlot. The name means “the scream”… [lùr-lo], literally “The Scream” or “The Howl. So, “the scream” somewhat rhymes with “Merlot” and is also derived from the name of the winery itself, Urlari (“scream”).”

About the wine

Winery: Azienda Agricola Urlaric
Wine: L’Urlo
Classification: IGT
Grape variety: Merlot
Region/Area: Riparbella (Tuscany)
Type: Dry red wine
Soil: Sand clay and clay with presence of pebbles
Harvest: 2018
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Natural cork
Serving temperature: 16-18° C
Laying potential: Long shelf life, no data available yet
Content: 0.75L


After the grapes are picked by hand, they are deposited on a conveyor belt that moves them by gravity (to avoid damaging the skins) to the de-stemmer, where the leaves and stems are removed. From there, the fruit travels via a conveyor belt to a filter machine that gently breaks the skins to release juice as the grapes fall to fill a conically shaped stainless steel tank. The temperature controlled fermentation begins and the juice is pumped over the grapes every 6 hours. After 2 weeks, the grapes are gently pressed and the wine matures for 15 months in 100% new French oak barrels and then 12 months in bottle.


The L’Urlo has a deep red color.


On the nose, the L’Urlo has a great blend of aromas of black fruits and mushrooms.

Taste impression

The wine is full-bodied, enveloped in elegant tannins and has a clean finish.

Culinary advice

This Merlot from Urlari goes well with hearty meat dishes and a variety of risottos. But also with mushrooms and sautéed or grilled vegetables and potatoes.



De Grote Hamersma

De Grote Hamersma 9-

Tasting Notes

The Great Hammersma

“Grape merlot is rarely taken seriously. Yes, there are those priceless pomerols, there in Bordeaux, but otherwise… Smooth sloppy wines from the south of France called pays d’oc, in the budget shelf droppy merlot from Australia…

Here Merlot shows what he has to offer. Smells of leather and dark fruit, spices, despite what people always say about his soft heart, pit and bite. Clearly present, despite an upbringing of no less than 15 months in French oak. Often the wood dominates, here it is in exemplary balance with the fruit.

And you can taste his background, his origin. This merlot tastes like Tuscany. Fine, graceful, aristocratic. A hint of autumn. Ancient wisdom. No matter how young this four-year-old merlot tastes.”

– Hamersma, 2022


Schloss Englar



Available on backorder

Schloss Englar



Available on backorder




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