Offida Rosso "Klausura" Organic DOCG Ripavine
Bibenda Guide 2019 - 4 Bunches
Luca Maroni 2021 - 91/100 Points
Gambero Rosso​ - Two glasses

Offida Rosso “Klausura” Organic DOCG


“The Offida Rosso “Klausura” from Ripawine comes from a selection of grapes from the vineyards intended for an excellent final quality. The name Klausura is derived from a dialect term which, as in Italian, indicates a sense of closure. Since Offida Rosso is a wine that first ages in barrel and then in the bottle, the term Klausura refers to this closure in barrel.”

About the wine

Winery: Ripawine
Wine: Offida Rosso “Klausura”
Classification: DOCG
Grape variety: Montepulciano (90%) Petit Verdot (10%)
Region/region: Ripatransone (The Marches)
Type: Dry red wine
Soil: Medium mixed
Harvest: 2017
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Cork
Serving temperature: 18-20° C
Laying potential: Long shelf life, but no data available
Content: 0.75


First, the grapes of the Offida Rosso “Klausura” are picked by hand in mid-September. They are then destemmed and pressed. The grapes are then fermented with skins in steel vats for 15 days, followed by délestage and aging in barriques for 2 years. Finally, the wine is refined in the bottle for 6 months.


The Offida Rosso “Klausura” has an intense ruby red color with garnet reflections.


First, the fragrance is mainly characterized by fruity notes. Such as small black and red currants, plums and black cherries. There are also floral notes of violets and cyclamen. The long aging in barriques gives it the tertiary aromas that come from the wood and roasting, such as spices and young leather.

Taste impression

In the mouth this wine shows a structure and a concentration of a pronounced tannic texture. However, it is well balanced due to the alcohol content. Finally, the wine has a long finish with hints of blackberries, soft cinnamon and raspberries.

Culinary advice

This wine from Ripawine goes well with meat entrees and with red meat in general.


Bibenda Guide 2019 - 4 Bunches

Luca Maroni 2021 - 91/100 Points

Gambero Rosso​ - Two glasses

Tasting Notes


Schloss Englar



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Schloss Englar



Available on backorder




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