Sicily Italian wine tasting box

Sicily tasting box


Try a tasting box of wines from Sicily compiled by us. This tasting box consists of 3 red and 3 white wines.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean with an enormously diverse and rich history. As you travel through Sicily you will see the vast history the island has: Virtually intact Greek temples (Agrigento), Piazza Armenira originating from the Roman Empire, the castles of the Crusaders and the Moorish churches in Palermo and much more. Sicily can be very hot and nearly half of the vineyards require irrigation. In many places it is so dry that conditions are almost perfect for organic farming; hardly any spraying is needed against fungal diseases. Inland, the landscapes are greener and the mountain peaks are often covered with snow during the winters. In addition, Europe’s last active volcano is located in Sicily; Mount Etna (also called “mama Etna”).

In recent decades, Sicily has become Italy’s most vital and improved wine region. In the 1990s, Sicily was still competing with Puglia for the most productive wine region in Italy, but now Veneto produces even more wine than Sicily. Sicily has changed its course from quantity to quality with a focus on its own indigenous grape varieties and unique regions such as Mount Etna.

From left to right:
Nero d’Avola 2021 – Colosi
Zibibo “Ruano” 2021 – Adamo
Etna Rosso 2020 – Federico Graziani
Etna Bianco “Aedes” 2021 – ICustodi
Etna Rosso “Pistus” 2021 – ICustodi
Grillo “Biastra” 2021 – Adamo

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