Piedmont wines tasting box

Tasting Box Piedmont


Try a tasting box composed by us of wines from the famous Italian region of Piedmont. This tasting box consists of 4 red, 1 rosé and 1 white wine.

In northwestern Italy lies the region of Piedmont. Piedmont means “At the foot of the mountains,” in this case the Alps that almost encircle the area. Piedmont is a hilly region where less than 5% of the vineyards are classified as “flat”. The best-known red wines from Piedmont are Barolo and Barbaresco, both of which are made from Piedmont’s most famous and widely planted red grape: the Nebbiolo. Considered the best red grape in northern Italy, Nebbiolo produces well-structured and fragrant wines that require time and attention. Currently, Barbera is the second most planted red grape in Piedmont. In addition to red wines, white wines are also made from the Arneis grape, for example.

From left to right:
Langhe Rosato “Cereja” 2021 – Tenuta Carretta
Barbera d’Alba 2019 – Monchiero
Barolo “Rocche di Castiglione” 2017 – Monchiero
Langhe Nebbiolo 2021 – Monchiero
Langhe Nebbiolo “Podio” 2019 – Tenuta Carretta
Roero Arneis Riserva “Canorei” 2020 – Tenuta Carretta

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