Tegolato wine

Tegolato I.G.T.


Tegolato wines have a long history but production ceased in 2006. However, in 2018 Anthony Cobuccio, owner of Antico Castello di Poppiano, and Andrea Pizzolato decided to continue the tradition and now their first new vintage (2018) is available in our webshop.

The wine is produced only in the years when the climate is favorable. The seasonal conditions give the grapes all the characteristics needed to obtain a wine with a high alcohol content that is robust and persistent. The wine is made from quality grapes specially selected through years of experience. The wine is then aged for a year on the roof tiles (Tegolato) of the castle. Before drinking, it is important to let the wine air the number of years it is aged in hours.

About the wine

Winery: Antico Castello di Poppiano
Wine: Chianti
Classification: IGT
Grape variety: Sangiovese
Region/region: Chianti (Tuscany)
Type: Dry red wine
Soil: Clay limestone with rocks
(Alberese and Galestro)
Harvest: 2018
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Cork
Serving temperature: 20-24° C
Storage potential: Long shelf life
Content: 0.75L


The Tegolato of Antico Castello di Poppiano is a unique wine because of the way it ages after bottling on the tiles of the castle; in fact, it owes its name to the long exposure on the roof tiles (Tegolato) of the castle. The natural elements of rooftop aging give this wine an accelerated fermentation in the bottle and a specific flavor and bouquet.


The Tegolato has a deep ruby red color.


The wine has an intense bouquet with fruity and earthy notes.

Taste impression

Full-bodied complex flavor with hints of cherry, coffee and black fruit.

Culinary advice

The Tegolato is good to drink with hearty dishes/wild meat such as hare or wild boar.


Tasting Notes


Schloss Englar



Available on backorder

Schloss Englar



Available on backorder




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