Ca Dei Maghi

Ca Dei Maghi

About the winery

Cà Dei Maghi is an old family business and means house of magic in Italian. The winery is located in a magical setting on a hill in Fumane, Valpolicella. Paolo Creazzi, who currently runs the winery, makes mostly famous red wines such as the Valpolicella, Ripasso & Amarone. But he also makes white wines such as the Barabao, from the Garganega grape. Paolo makes these wines in his own way by striking a balance between tradition and innovation. This results in its unique, highly rated, Valpolicella’s, Ripasso’s & Amarone’s. These wines are characterized by their juiciness and ‘brightness’: the grapes are really central to Paolo.

Cà Dei Maghi


In 1800, the Fasoli Fedrigo family started their wine business in Negrar. More than a century later, in the 1950s, Grandma Luigina and Grandpa Fernando started producing wine in Cà Dei Maghi, at the same time giving birth to the so-called ‘Rama’. This is their ‘agriturismo’ these days.
Since then, Mari, Giovanna, Paolo and Ivana have continued the family’s wine and food tradition.



Cà dei Maghi is a small farm in the heart of the sweet hills of Valpolicella, among the vineyards not far from the center of Fumane.

Over the years, Cà Dei Maghi has added more vineyards to its exciting history, always keeping in mind that the products should be recognizable: “This is where our wine is born, on our territory”. An example of this is the Canova Rosso. This is a red wine made from grapes from these new vineyards. The vines are less than 15 years old.

Cà Dei Maghi
Cà Dei Maghi

The goat

Currently, Cà Dei Maghi is run by Paolo Creazzi. Paolo is one of the most talented new generation winemakers we have met. He has a great sense of detail; his entire winery is decorated according to the theme of his winery: Magic. You can taste this magic and sense of detail in his wines. Paolo’s vineyards are also magical. These are located fairly high on the hills outside the inhabited world. Here is bustling with life; hares, foxes, grasshoppers, birds and even a black goat. Paolo has no idea where this black goat comes from. He is also called ‘Satan’, because he eats Paolo’s grapes…


Paolo Creazzi

“Diversity is what I look for when I produce wine and I’ve been lucky enough from the start to find very productive vineyards, both of which are very closed and very different from each other. The major grape varieties have given me the opportunity to give the classic wines of Valpolicella a precise identity and to experiment something new every year with our IGT wines, in search of that new taste that can make the difference. Each choice is well thought out and implies absolute dedication to details: We cannot ignore it.”

Paolo Creazzi

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