Castello del Tegolato

Castello del Tegolato

About the winery

Castello del Tegolato is one of the most historic wineries from the Chianti region (Tuscany) and perhaps from all over Italy. They have become famous with their ‘Tegolato’ wines, these wines are aged on the roof tiles (Tegolato) all year round. In recent years, these Tegolato wines were no longer made. But recently Anthony (owner) and Devinita’s good friend and oenologist Andrea Pizzolato decided to revive this project. That is why these wines are exclusively available again at Devinita.

The wine


Castello del Tegolato takes its name from the famous “Tegolato wine”. The Tegolato is a unique wine because of the way it is aged under the tiles of the castle after bottling. Therefore, it owes its name to the long exposure on the roof tiles (Tegolato) of the castle. The natural elements of aging on the roof give this wine a specific taste and bouquet.

Tegolato wine is produced only in the years when favorable seasonal conditions give the grapes all the characteristics necessary to obtain a wine with a high alcohol content that is robust and long-lasting. It is made from quality grapes selected through years of experience and is prepared and bottled at the Fattoria Antico Castello di Poppiano winery.

Castello del Tegolato


The Kunz princes of Habsburg Lorraine (owners of the old castle of Poppiano) were experts in the “tegolatura” method which was passed down from generation to generation. They have always personally supervised the production of this wine. Tegolato wine may have some deposits, so it is advisable to mix it gently after the bottle has been stored vertically for a few days.

Fattoria Antico Castello di Poppiano
Castello del Tegolato

Anthony & Andrea

Castello del Tegolato is a historic winery but since 2006 the production of Tegolato wines was stopped. Recently, however, Anthony (owner) and Devinita’s good friend and oenologist Andrea Pizzolato decided to revive this project. The duo has access to great terroirs with vineyards that are as old as 100 years. In addition to producing the classic Tegolato wines and Chianti DOCG, Anthony and Andrea have decided to also produce new wines. Including an innovative Rosé and Trebbiano wine from their oldest vineyards. Their focus will be on the small-scale production of high quality wines. They have an estate of up to 70 hectares at their disposal, but only the best grapes will be selected for the production of their wines.

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