Finocchi Viticoltoric

Finocchi Viticoltoric

About the winery

Finocchi Viticoltori is a family business that has been making wine since 1905. Finocchi’s vineyards are located in Staffolo, in the province of ‘Le Marche’. Currently, the brothers Marco and Maurizio run the family business, which specializes in making white wine from the Verdicchio grape. At Devinita we offer the Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi and the Incrocio Bruni 54 by Finocchi Viticoltori.

Finocchi Viticoltori

First generation

The Finocchi family has always been a family of winemakers. The story begins in 1905, when Marino Finocchi (pictured) started growing vines in the lands of Staffolo. During this period, a cellar was built using sharecropping, where he made his own grapes. His son, Enrico, immediately became passionate about this activity and became one of the top winemakers in the area, so much so that he got an attractive job offer from the Vatican. Due to his untimely death in 1946, his two sons, Giuseppe and Franco, received the burdensome inheritance at an early age. Nevertheless, the wine tradition was continued with the help of their mother Isolina and uncle Armando.



A fundamental step taken by the Finocchi family was the purchase of their first land in the Salmagina district in 1966. This location is still considered one of the most suitable areas for the production of Verdicchio. After the purchase of this land, new Verdicchio vineyards were planted. In the late 1970s, as part of the modernization of the old farm, the historic cellar was enlarged. This marked the beginning of a new company direction, which was more directed towards a qualitative-quantitative development of production. Notable is the purchase of a small plot of land in 1999 called “Filellu”, a farm that has always been in use, first as a share lease and then for rent. Finocchi has been a winery specializing in white wines since its inception, but the first red grape vineyards were planted in the “Filellu” vineyard.

Finocchi Viticoltori
Finocchi Viticoltori


The considerable wealth of experience, farming wisdom and boundless passion for the careful care of the vineyards by Giuseppe and Franco were inevitably passed on to Marco first and then his younger brother, Maurizio. This has resulted in the continuation of the family business. Recently Marco & Maurizio, in the Salmagina district, have built a new wine cellar with technologies suitable for today, to guarantee high quality standards while preserving the tradition of their wine. This major investment actually made a precise choice of location, or rather productive rationalization, concentrating all production activities in a single complex. As a result, all other wineries have been dismantled, with only the historic point of sale preserved.

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