Cantina Ongaresca

Cantina Ongaresca

About the winery

“Let’s try to make wine and not just drink it!”

Ongaresca is a new wine project born out of a passion for entrepreneurship and wine. The vineyards are located in the beautiful hills of the Costabissara region in Veneto. The owners are great horse lovers and that is where the logo originated from; a horseshoe. At the moment Devinita only imports one wine from Ongaresca: the Sauvignon Blanc. Paolo Creazzi, the winemaker of our other winery Cà Dei Maghi recommended this wine to us. This has been made for a number of years by Paolo’s old assistant winemaker.

Ongaresca Paarden

The story

A story born from the passion of two old friends for horses! Since 1985, Sergio Traverso & Lorenzo Sinico have been in the habit of organizing culinary dinners after a long day at work, where food and wine were the main goal. On the hills around the stables they have seen abandoned vineyards for years. In 2006, after years of hard work, they finally raised enough money to buy those vineyards.

They looked into each other’s eyes and said, “Let’s try to make wine and not just drink it!” They started restoring the vineyards that had been abandoned for years and that in the past had been exhibited for quantity and not quality. Like adopted daughters, they began a long process of re-education with love and care.

And with success: The climate and breeze in the morning and evening keep the vineyards healthy, which is why they use less than half of the allowed treatments and are in the biological conversion process.



“The distinguishing features of each of us are marked in our DNA.

Passion, tradition and innovation are ours. Expressing this passion through every harvest and every glass of wine is an opportunity to convey to you the typical characteristics of our land. We do this by constantly maintaining the balance between respect for the territory and innovation.

This is the only way that our strong and deep roots allow us to look to the future and continue to communicate with all lovers of goodness and pleasure, evolution and love: The main ingredients of our wines. Our attention to detail is the sublimation of the pleasure of tasting a truly unique wine, with each sip allowing the palate to rediscover flavors associated with ancient traditions. But also with new research experiences. Because history is also in motion and Ongaresca moves with it. Time does not stand still and we know how to move with the times, that is what sets us apart.”

Today, Ongaresca strives to grow in the national and international markets by investing in the uniqueness of its wines, typical of the Veneto region.

Ongaresca Sauvignon Blanc

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