Col di Lamo

Col di Lamo

About the winery

A law graduate, Giovanna Neri also inherited her father's love of wine and has become a highly successful and sought-after winemaker. Giovanna's unique touch is now supported by that of her daughter, Diletta. Their great enthusiasm, commitment and dedication have made Col di Lamo one of the most dynamic, refined wines of the Montalcino area.



Giovanna Neri Col di Lamo



An ode to women.
To their eternal lightheartedness.
To their determination and tenacity.
Like that of life itself, for nothing is easy in life, but neither is it impossible.
Like the earth, brought forth and regenerated every day from its own immense, mysterious womb.
Like the vine, bending under the burden of its children, the grapes, without ever breaking.
A tribute to the special experience of womanhood.
This is the unique aroma of Giovanna Neri's wines.
This is the secret of a woman who is above all a mother.
A woman who is aware of the need to take care of your roots so they can grow into wings.


Col di Lamo

Col di Lamo's winery has an innovative construction that expresses a refined, linear architectural concept intentionally different from local architecture; intended for the international world of wine lovers. Perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape, the winery is set in the natural slope of the hills planted with Sangiovese grapes for Brunello di Montalcino.

The interiors are organized according to the winemaking cycle and revolve around a courtyard with a garden that pays homage to the traditions of Tuscany.
A particularly strategic location, guaranteeing sustainable production and a naturally constant indoor temperature, perfect for aging our wines.

Col di Lamo


The wines

Five labels with five different personalities. Inspired by the great ambition to make organic wines that are elegant and highly representative of Col di Lamo's terroir. Nevertheless, all five wines share the common thread of Giovanna Neri's unique and very recognizable personal touch.