Terre di Sovernaja

Terre di Sovernaja

About the winery

Terre di Sovernaja is run by owner Federico and winemaker Andrea, now two very good friends of ours. Terre di Sovernaja (Tenuta Montagnani) was known for their high quality olive oil and saffron, but recently Federico started a project together with Andrea to also produce wines. Following is the story of our good friend Federico Montagnani.

Terre di Sovernaja


“My father and his father are my greatest sources of inspiration. They passed on the knowledge of the rhythm of nature to me. They taught me to improve our territory and preserve the authenticity and character of the grape in its place of origin.”

Photo left: Federico’s grandfather and great-great grandfather with a 1948 ‘tractor’.


San Gimignano

“Working in the hills of San Gimignano is a daily privilege. In the 9 hectares of vineyards at 300 meters above sea level (formerly called Terre di Sovernaja) I develop a fully certified organic farming project. Here, in addition to the production of grapes, oil and saffron, animals can live freely, creating an essential natural balance.

This long journey, built from experiences, studies and a lot of research, led to the birth of my first label in 2017; exactly fifty years after my grandfather’s first label. Ripe grapes, soft pressing and aging in natural cement are the main characteristics of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the only DOCG white wine from Tuscany and Primo Bianco DOCG from Italy. My production of Vernaccia di San Gimignano is divided into two different varieties: Selection “Viti Sparse”, which comes from the best grapes of the different vineyards and Riserva “Assola”, produced from a single vineyard about half a century old.”

Terre di Sovernaja
Terre di Sovernaja


“Besides Vernaccia di San Gimignano, I produce Vermentino and Verdacchio. Verdacchio is an old native vine, now completely gone, except in my vineyard! In 2015, after conducting a DNA test in collaboration with the university, we rediscovered a small but precious 120-year-old Verdacchio vineyard. With the 2019 vintage, I started producing the first 100% Verdacchio wines, emblematic wines of Terre di Sovernaja, which are now available at Devinita.”



“I have been certified organic since 2010. By using green manure and many internal resources I try to be as independent as possible and thus create a closed cycle.

I believe that the balance of a plant depends solely on the balance that surrounds it and what it creates itself.

This is my philosophy.

I try as much as possible to preserve the character of the grapes in the cellar and try not to disturb what the soil has transferred to the fruit, so that this is reflected in the bottle.

I am currently producing 25,000 bottles for a total of 9 labels.

From the 2022 harvest, have even more vineyards dedicated to the production of Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

A dream becomes reality when you can share it.”

– Federico Montagnani

Terre di Sovernaja
Terre di Sovernaja

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